Billy Meier is one of the most controversial figure in the history of UFO History. His claims and published evidence have rocked the UFO world for decades - this is the story of Billy Meier and his contact with the Pleiadian race
Message From the Pleiades - The Contact Notes of Eduard Billy Meier

Monday, September 14, 2009

Billy Meier Prophecies

Billy Meier's Prophecies are coming true!
Here is a transcript in English of one of Billy's prophetic letters written decades ago in his early youth, before any of these events came to pass;

To all the responsible ones of the world;

who are responsible for the welfare of Earth and its entire humanity, in addition to individual people of all nations, to the highest of the authorities and their senior governments; and to all the responsible ones of the authorities and governments as well as to each single person, I want to speak the following words of warning: my fatherly friend Sfath instructed me in a prophetic and predicting way in many kinds of things that will come about on Earth in the future and will bring no joy.

I want to lay out these things, which can be partly altered, however in part, will come into being as unchangeable, as follows : it was six years ago that World War II found its inglorious end, which lasted from 1939 to 1945 and cost the lives of approximately 62 million people.
Atomic energy itself was set up for the murder of hundreds of thousands of people and for the destruction of their cities - through the irresponsible and criminal action of the USA, as the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were destroyed through atomic bombs.
All that would, unfortunately however, not be the end of all terrors, mass-murder, wars and acts of terror, if the peoples of all nations do not finally become sensible enough to relieve their power-greedy government bosses of their offices and have them turn tail and run.
Basically, it is the people in each country who choose those who govern - normally, unfortunately, it is the insincere ones, who first make great promises, in order then, when they come into power, to let war and terror break out and drive the people under their command with lies and deceit, whereby they become dependant on their superiors and misjudge the real truth.
That however, will bring evil consequences in the future if the people don't intervene against them - because world-wide, the violent rulers will embroil the people ever more in wars, terror and hate, until the whole thing assumes uncontrollable forms world-wide.
The time for this is no longer very far away, because already these monstrous things glow in a smoldering fire that will already turn into an open fire in the next years.
Still, there is time to stop the monster that is prophesied for the future of the entire Terrestrial humanity and for Earth and its nature.
Arresting counter-measures can still change everything for the better if the people and all the responsible ones of the governments, the authorities, the scientists and the military, as well as all others who are competent, most rigorously trouble themselves to put an end to all evils and bring a positive change to everything.
If that doesn't happen then unimagined horrors are imminent, whereby, in every respect, the world power USA would lead the foremost front of the sword of death as well as destruction and annihilation, while toeing the line are Israel and all those countries who nestle in sanctimonious friendship with the USA, and indeed, against the will of the sensible element of the respective peoples.
Not only wars, terror, destruction and annihilation with thousand-fold deaths and hundreds of thousands of murdered people will mark the future but also a monstrous overpopulation will be to blame as all natural laws will get thrown out of kilter.
Through the guilt of the people, all storms will assume increasing and more violent forms, such as hail storms, blizzards and flooding rains, as however also the ozone-layer will become very dangerously damaged.
Monstrous deluges will belong ever more to the order of the day, because through the overpopulation, the forest wetlands and swampy plains will become altered in function to become residential areas, whereby the wild waters of the flooding rain will find their way into the houses of the people because they can no longer escape into uninhabited wetland areas.
Landslides and avalanches, as well as earthquakes and seaquakes as well as every kind of storms will prevail; gales and typhoons, hurricanes and tornados will increase ever more in their numbers and will become ever more violent and destructive.
And also therewith overpopulation will bear the guilt, because overpopulation will become monstrously negative and will thereby give rise to an unnatural climate change that in only one decade from today will already begin to effect the world very detrimentally.
The monstrous mass and weight of the cities and villages continuously stress the inner structures of the Earth more and more through which the tectonic plates will be adversely affected, inevitably leading to increasing tectonic displacements and faults, through which immense tremors will be evoked world-wide, whereby finally the deaths will go into the hundreds of thousands and into the millions.
And these tremors also have influences on the Earth's entire volcanic activity, consequently, also the volcanos that are multiply connected together world-wide that will become ever more frequently and more destructively active.
That will also demand many human lives, indeed, especially in those areas where unreasonably, habitations are built too closely to volcanoes, as is also the case with beaches by oceans, by great rivers and seas, where the immediate shorelines are built up, which, through storm waves and tsunamis, will be flooded in violent measure and will demand very many human lives.
Yet were that not enough, because through the continually growing overpopulation that already in 50 years will have increased to over six billion, as is predicted, many monstrous and insoluble problems will become apparent.
Famines will increase, while old illnesses, believed to be eradicated, will return. Through mass tourism from the industrialized countries, along with economic refugees from the entire world the industrialised countries will become inundated, as will a monstrous problem with asylum seekers become insoluble. And it is predicted that, at the end of the eighties, the boom will collapse, and monstrous and unprecedented unemployment will break out, whereby criminality due to unemployment will climb as well as through criminal gangs from the so-called third world countries who will spread out into the industrialized countries and will not shy away from murder in the pursuit of their atrocities. Also national debts will climb into immeasurability, as well as terrorist extremism and neonazism, etc. Prostitution, as predicted by Sfath, will take on unbelievable forms and will be carried out to the public, world-wide, so that children themselves will not be spared from it. In the next decades, prostitution will turn into a “respectable” occupation that will be acknowledged officially by the authorities and will also be designated as taxable.
Download more of Billy Meier's Prophecies as a PDF
(Letter to the governments of Europe - written before 1958)

Televisions, already invented, will belong to every family and, as well, to everyday life, as will the technology of the computer, which is already being worked on diligently in America, Germany, Japan and the Soviet Union. The television and the computer will become the most important information media, however also, as significant forms for the public advertising of prostitution. People, in the course of the next 50 years, will become cold in their thoughts and feelings, through which interpersonal relationships will produce ever stranger effects and will only be purposive.
True love will become a rarity, and many marriages will only take place in order to indulge in a certain status associated with prestige and money. The result will be that many marriages will no longer hold together, families will be destroyed, and the descendants, as well as becoming sexually abused, will also become asocial and neglected Already at the end of the fifties, people, particularly the young, will begin to lead a life that is often only aligned with drugs, and then later, when the time of the eighties approaches, the drug problem will get the upper hand, whereby only pleasure will still be meaningful, and destructive and dissonant sounds will shape the world of music, whereby the psyche would be impaired and the entire behavior of those people that align themselves with this destructive type of music will degenerate into negativity.
In the realm of sectarianism, those supposedly chosen by God will step ever more into appearance to financially exploit their believers, to make them dependent and to even drive them to suicide.
The irresponsible ones will use the time in order to become rich through their faithful supporters, especially when they spread fear and terror concerning the change of the millennium, because they will claim that the world will go under in the year 2000. Then there will not even be a shying away from spreading lies that extraterrestrials will rescue the select - however naturally only then, if this large sum of money is delivered to the sect-leader.
Much more will be brought about with the growing overpopulation, which is fundamentally the actual source of all evil things of the future, because the greater the overpopulation becomes, the greater the problems originating from it will become. So new epidemics will appear, and indeed already in the coming eighties, that will demand millions of human lives, and indeed epidemics which will be transferred from animals to people, as in the more distant future times where also epidemics will be brought to Earth from outer space.
However, all that, concerning epidemics of animals going out and spreading among people, will be disputed by the responsible ones and they will slander as liars those who are informed about the real truth. If the world and its humanity are thus ruined, then it is the Earth human himself who is the originator, whereby he creates the real cause of it by propelling his overpopulation into ever increasing numbers.
Therefore it will not be an imaginary god of some religion or sect who determines the impending monstrous problems and excesses, but solely the human being of Earth, who, in his delusion, believes himself to be the highest and mightiest creature in the universe - far higher than this can ever be for Creation.
Through the guilt of the human being, through his overpopulation, through his megalomania, through his unreasonableness and high-handedness, he challenges all the powers of nature, that, together with the Earth, revolt, and defend themselves against the degenerating machinations of the Earth human. Thus, the natural forces on Earth, together with Earth itself, overflow, because the human disturbs and destroys the entire natural flow of the elements and life. I have all that to say, because it is the prophetic and, at the same time, the predicting truth. All of you who perceive these words of mine, comprehend the courage to consider what is said and to draw the right conclusions from it, and to behave correctly, because there is still time - however it already has begun to run away between the fingers. Consider these prophecies and predictions and behave in the sense towards a change for the better.
Also make everything public for all the humans of Earth through instructions in all media, in order to achieve an alteration and transformation in a positive sense and in order to protect Earth and its entire mankind from all iniquity, from all evil, from all degeneration, from the many deaths and destruction and from the step into annihilation. All of you who receive my letter have the possibility, the power and the responsibility to protect Earth and its humanity from all that I have revealed to you. Do not hesitate, rather act, and indeed quickly, because time is pressing.
If you do not act immediately, then you are just as responsible, if the prophecies are fulfilled, as all those who in the future will concern themselves for their fulfillment.
Eduard Albert Meier

Download more of Billy Meier's Prophecies as a PDF
(Letter to the governments of Europe - written before 1958)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Contact Notes - The Great Spacer

Billy Meier Contact Notes - The Great Spacer - Tape 3A/B

Contact Notes - Asket Time Travel

Billy Meier Contact Notes - Asket Time Travel - Tape 5A/B
Extracted from Randolph Winters' time with Billy Meier.
Pic left - debunked alleged foto of Semjase - What is also alleged is that the secret service switched the fotos given by Billy for publication for copies of members of the "Gold-diggers" musical group who appeared on the Dean Martin Show, in order to defame Billy with a disinformation strategy.
I personally believe Billy on this, as after thousands and thousands of hours investigation and research on the Billy Meier case and other UFO disclosure projects, i have seen that there is a definite attack being made using disinformation techniques to discredit any serious and convincing evidence that is appearing; be it in form of documentation, personal statements from witnesses, photographic evidence, and even home video uploads on you tube.

Watch Video; Billy Meier Contact Notes - Asket Time Travel - Tape 5A/B

Download The Complete set of Billy meier Contact Notes - "The Early years" as MP3 files

Friday, September 4, 2009

The Billy Meier Story

In 1958, Billy Meier made predictions about many things, including the Iraq Wars, global warming, the AIDS epidemic, and Third World War. In ther case of Billy's purported evidence being true, it can be concluded that this would make his story the most important story of all time. This documentary presents you with a synopsis of Billy's meetings with extraterrestrial visitors from the Pleiades, which would conduct his life trajectory through dozens of different countries, and getting to meet many important world leaders.
Billy Meier took hundreds of amazing pictures with his camera over the years, becoming what is perhaps the greatest enigma in UFO History; He even took videos of what he called “Beam Ships”, which he says were used by advanced intelligences coming from the vicinity of the Pleiades. The Photographic, video and sample evidence presented by Billy incremented by his telepathic and physical contacts with the Pleiadians, as well as the journeys he claims to have made with them in their beam ships to other worlds and even travelling in time are the subject of this documentary.
Watch the Billy Meier Story